If you’ve ever wished you could press pause on your ordinary life and spend a few days imagining other possibilities, LEAP is your chance. Great wine and food, provocative speakers and practical tools to action your dreams. –   Jess Fowler

“I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to attend LEAP in June 2016. It is a rare moment that any of us are able to take time out to work on ourselves and reflect on what we’ve done and what we want to do moving forward. LEAP gave me that opportunity and armed me with some great frameworks to help me discover more about myself, including what I truly value, how I want to live my life moving forward, and goals with actions to help me create that life. Mandy and Trudi helped me to have a number of “ah ha moments” in terms of what I want to do career-wise moving forward.

The tone of the 3 days was set that first night by our facilitators who created an environment where we all felt safe sharing more about ourselves. I want to thank Mandy and Trudi for sharing their stories with us, they helped me solidify a number of things which include a reaffirmation that I enjoy what I’m doing (which is currently a part-time role). I’ve also decided that I don’t want to go back full-time, but instead I am going to do something more creative to fill up my time. Part of that time will be spent on studying floristry, something that I’ve always had a natural ability to do but now I’m going to learn the theory that sits behind it.

There are so many wonderful experiences that I could keep going on and on about because this was a truly life changing experience for me.

The venue in Matakana was stunning as was the food and morning yoga classes. I hope that I can influence my friends to go to LEAP and experience what I experienced!”

– Rob Sykes, Social Media – Capability Partner / People & Communications, BNZ

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Leap programme with the lovely down to earth Mandy and Trudi. I have never spent money on myself like this before and was very hesitant about what I would get out of it, and whether it was worth the financial sacrifice. It sure was, and I can’t encourage people enough to take this plunge and help yourself! There were so many learnings for me from health and well-being, to goal setting, understanding the mind and understanding ourselves in a positive way. The real bonus for me was the guest speakers who all 3, Nicky, Maggie and Victoria, were so awesome to hear their inspiring stories. Thanks again for such a great experience.”

– Kate Ryan – soon the be Landscape Specialist Extraordinaire 

“LEAP was the best and most life-changing course I have ever been on.  The entire retreat was incredibly well organised and extremely professional – Mandy and Sally are not only amazing presenters and fabulous people, they have considerable expertise and knowledge in the topics that they present.

LEAP gave me the opportunity to really think about, and challenge myself on, what I want from life and what makes me happy.  It has provided me with real life tools (and not just “fluffy ideas”) to think about and deal with my career and the life experiences I have (and want to have) differently. It also gave me the mental space and the strategies to frame up my purpose and life goals, which I now use as a reference for what I do and how I feel – not just in my career, but with my family, friends and life in general.    Ultimately the learnings I have taken away have given me more confidence to follow my gut instincts rather than do what I think I should be doing (or what I think others think I should do).

I would highly recommend LEAP for anyone who wants to change their life for the better and get more joy out of their day to day lives.”

Louise Unger, Head of Legal – Retail, BNZ

“I recently participated in the LEAP Matakana programme with Mandy and Sally. This programme enabled the opportunity for me to explore my approach to life. What I enjoyed most is that all topics were presented with theory and evidence, which was then put into context and from there we applied this thinking into our own life and perspective. Amazing how in three days I was able to bring my thinking and actions into alignment to identify my vision and goals. Since the course I have been enjoying the sense of contentment knowing that I am able to make a difference by being the best of me – both personally and professionally. A big thank you to Mandy and Sally, you guys rock!”

– Di Lithgow – Head of Industry: Specialist Trades and Business
The Skills Organisation

“The programme has armed me with practical tools that I’ve adapted into all areas of my life. I’ve been able to overcome a particularly challenging professional situation using my newly adopted “growth mindset”. It’s increased my confidence and self-belief and I’m excited to continue using the strategies imparted to build on my learnings.

Post-LEAP I’m now implementing a strengths-based approach with my team and together we’re looking forward to playing to each others strengths to achieve our collective goals. I feel back in control of my life choices – I just needed time out to reconnect with my goals and I have found my direction again.. wow does that feel good! If you can find another programme that gives you these benefits I wish you luck!”

– Kath Knight – Director @ geyser creative

“Leap was fantastic and a real game changer for me. I really liked the fact that the programme is holistic, and I could apply what I learned to all areas of my life. Being a retreat, the opportunity to get away from any distractions or pressure to focus completely on myself was invaluable.

The mind-set piece was the biggest learning for me, realising how much control I have over my life, and what I am capable of. It was great to be able to learn simple techniques that I can use to change my mind-set. Practicing gratitude, happiness activities and reflecting on my purpose and values have become part of how I live my life since Leap.

Since attending Leap I have noticed a huge improvement in my outlook on life and how I interact with others. I feel positive, and I have an easier time making decisions and my confidence has really grown. I challenge my own thinking, and it has helped me to make some big decisions in terms of my personal life and my career.  I would absolutely recommend Leap to anyone who wants to make changes in their life, or who wants to understand themselves better.”

– Lisa Archer -BNZ National Manager 

“Thanks to Mandy and Sally for a truly thought provoking, introspective and personally challenging week. It is not often you get to spend a concentrated period of time on yourself in our busy lives and this was a valuable week to set me up for the next stage of my career and life.”

– Shaun Conroy – NZTE Regional Director

“LEAP gave me clarity & helped to identify what my key strengths were and which of my strengths I had overused and were the reason I was burnt out. LEAP has helped me refocus my attitude & perspective and realign my language with my goals so that I can build the future I actually want to live! Basically, LEAP has helped me understand myself more clearly and has provided me with a really wide variety of tools and thought processes to help me see the forest from the trees. The facilitators Mandy & Sally are passionate, authentic, funny and have a wealth of knowledge. They provided research-based content and materials and brought in fantastic speakers to really challenge and grow your thinking in safe and supportive environment. I would highly recommend LEAP to anyone looking to set a new path, understand themselves better or grow. It’s where Self Development transforms into Self-Fulfilment.”

–  Wendy Colaco, Amex Senior Executive

Mandy and Sally are both ambitious, inspirational kiwi women who have made bold moves in their lives and who are now deeply passionate about taking others on this journey of learning and creating positive life change.  I feel in designing this course, they have found a perfect balance of personal versus professional, or otherwise in my language, I describe as heart feeling versus mind thinking.  The learning environment was open, honest and safe.   I can’t speak more highly of Mandy & Sally as Facilitators, the content of Leap and my own personal experience.

A huge thank you to Mandy & Sally for this wonderful creation and such a valuable opportunity to reenergise, to design, create and then lead my very best life. Look out for a Trudi change in 2016, thank you to Outside the Lines, I now have a plan!

–  Trudi Gwillim

“Whilst my known strengths are driven, goal orientated and energetic, signing up for LEAP included pre-work that uncovered unrealised strengths that help me be more successful in being the best I want to be. Prior to LEAP I had written goals that I would review frequently (and tick off) believing that would lead to success and happiness, so I went to LEAP wanting to be surprised beyond goal setting. Wow I was pleasantly surprised, LEAP provided the opportunity to really align and refine my goals to my values and sense of purpose. Being a residential course allowed me to fully immerse in all the value that Sally and Mandy put together in their programmes and workshops, great peaceful location, inspiring speakers, and relaxed atmosphere. Sally and Mandy allow you to uncover the best in you, they are wonderful people!”

– Joy Snook – Account Executive

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to realise my goals for the future and giving me the tools to follow the path to achieve them.  This week has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ll always remember it.”

–  LEAP participant

“I’m walking out of LEAP feeling motivated and energetic”

–  LEAP participant

“Love it! So valuable to be able to spend time on my core values and define my go forward plan.   I loved that it was full immersion and integration with massages, meditation, and yoga.”

–  LEAP participant

“Sally designed and facilitated an essential leadership development workshop for our Senior Managers, Directors and Executives. The workshop was engaging, thought provoking, challenging and especially well targeted to our audience and current development needs. Sally’s ability to balance strategic relevance, thought leadership, and practical application was superb.”

–  Nadine MacDonald – Human Resources Manager (SEA), Robert Walters Singapore

“I often reflect back on the beginning of my amazing journey and it all started with my coaching with Mandy Davies. Mandy was my first coach and this was just the beginning of an amazing coaching experience which saw me achieving my goals and changing the way I live my life. I had many wonderful insights through being coached that really changed my life.”

I still call my goals the same things as they still truly motivate me, I just keep changing up the goals within each to keep challenging myself further. People often comment on how much I have changed my lifestyle for the better over the past few years and I am so much happier for it. My new philosophy is “it’s only too difficult if you don’t try”. Thanks Mandy for helping me to see what is possible.”

–  Genessa Tabak Claims Operations Manager – Direct Insurance, IAG

“Sally and her seasoned, diverse associates delved right into assisting our new company to create and build an HR system. They have expetionally tailored their time and efforts to our company’s needs- going above and beyond. Sally is able to remain flexible yet diligent to build, guide and execute is something not found very often. And we are glad that we found them.”

–  Margaret Marshall – COO , Expat Dental, Singapore

“Mandy has been a fantastic coach to me over the last couple of years, She has provided strategic and thought provoking guidance and advice. She has made the process of coaching fun and relaxed as well, allowing me to develop a creative focus on my goals beyond just a logical linear approach. This allows me freedom to think outside of the box, challenges my normal thinking on any given matter and provides a level of excitement about undertaking actionable steps towards each goal. She has a humble, non-judgemental and approachable style, which means that it’s easy to open up and share things with her that maybe you wouldn’t in other scenarios. Mandy is authentic, empathetic, fun, thought provoking and yet challenging, it is these traits that set her apart from other coaches.”

–  Wendy D Colaço Director, Head of Consulting – JAPA AMEX

“Sally has partnered with me to support a number of different people activities in my business including support with both leadership and team development initiatives.  She is consistently effective at helping to diagnose the most appropriate target activities to drive my preferred outcomes and is flexible in tailoring her approach to my specific business needs.  I value the perspective and experience Sally can bring, together with her focus on ensuring appropriate contracting upfront and timely, efficient delivery and project follow-up.”

–  Paula Leech, HR Director, Microsoft Asia Pacific

“I’ve worked with Mandy for almost four years, both as a colleague and also for a short period when Mandy was acting as the Head of HR in New Zealand for IAG. Mandy is a talented Organisational Development leader and Human Resources professional. I’ve seen Mandy take the ordinary and make an extraordinary difference. Keeping abreast of market trends, understanding business and commercial imperatives, and turning design into best-fit implementation, is what Mandy does very well. Mandy is a gifted leader of people, a sound strategic thinker and a someone who creates an environment of achievement.”

–  Chris Hutton, Director of HR & Talent – McDonald’s Restaurants (New Zealand) Ltd

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Mandy. She provided significant leadership on some innovative and challenging initiatives that were delivered into the business. She managed to balance a focus on the strategic HR desired outcomes whilst also meeting the needs of a number of different customers. She actively championed both the initiatives and the team with stakeholders throughout the organisation ensuring that we had the support to deliver successfully. Mandy was able to balance the big picture, strategic approach with the requirements of day to day activity to ensure the team was clear and able to work independently to deliver highly successful, award winning organisational change programmes. Mandy is incredibly achievement focused and will always look for the ‘value add’ outcome for whatever initiative she is working on.”

–  Jake Harding HR Manager – Telecom

“Over a number of years, I have had personal experience of her coaching style and the impact she has had on my career and achievements.” “Mandy was always able to bring a high level of business acumen to coaching discussions, yet balanced that with insightful questioning and prompting focused on what was needed. She always had a great way of asking the right questions to help me articulate my thoughts, feel confident in my decision making and get clarity on the actions I needed to take. She is incredibly personable and I always felt she had a genuine interest in me. Mandy’s credibility and confidence in coaching means she successfully coaches at Exec and senior manager level with ease.”

–  Mike Kensingston Human Resource Manager – Pumpkin Patch