has been designed specifically for people who want to draw on their personal strengths and develop confidence in leading with their most natural and impactful style. It is for people who want to reach their potential and work at their best. It is for people who want to authentically draw on their unique strengths and skills, rather than “models” of leadership.

Being a great leader starts with self, and so this is where we begin. We draw on contemporary research and bring it to you in a practical and inspiring way. We strongly believe (and research shows us), that the best leaders are those who are self aware, comfortable and confident in their strengths and have a clarity on their purpose and who they are.

When you think of  leaders who have motivated and inspired you through your life and career, who comes to your mind? What makes them stand out and how did they make you feel? Do other people think of you when they are asked this question?

Amazing leaders exist in every walk of our lives and are not dependent on position or title. It is also one of the most important and rewarding roles you can have.

“Lead” is a combination of thought provoking sessions, guest speakers, skills workshops and 1:1 coaching. You will come away with tools, techniques and insights into how you can tap into your core strengths, your values and draw inspiration from your own unique life to help you be the best leader you can be. We’ll explore the impact this will have on those around you, and importantly on your performance.

As with all our programs in the Outside The Lines series, we understand the mental, physical and emotional elements that are important for your success, and we’ll look at these through the lense of your leadership.

The program includes:

  • Realise2 Strengths profile and debrief
  • 2 x individual leadership coaching sessions
  • Daily facilitated workshops based on contemporary research
  • Daily morning yoga/exercise
  • Inspiring guest speakers

Workshops can be tailor made to suit leadership teams needs.