Mandy Profile 2

Mandy has taken the Leap….  from corporate leader to a location independent entrepreneur.  Whilst she loved her corporate roles in NZ and Australia she felt there was something more out there.  Choice and adventure are important to Mandy, so she has created a life where she can continue to do the work she loves, what’s changed is how and where she does it.

She’s passionate about helping others ignite their potential so they can excel in whatever it is that is important to them, both personally and professionally.  This desire to help others design their best life has led her to partner with a kindred spirit – Sally Doherty to launch their self development company –  Outside The Lines.

Mandy also has her own consulting company – Balanced Focus Consulting, where she works with leaders, teams and organisations as a coach, facilitator and consultant maximising individual and company performance.

Mandy has a zest for life long learning, whether that’s through formal education (she has a Masters in Human Resources, a Degree in Health Sciences and is completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing) or through travel and life experiences and setting herself lofty personal and professional goals.  As owner of three businesses she understands governance, board responsibilities and the drivers of company performance, she also understands the importance of balance.   She works with leaders, individuals, CEOs and senior leadership teams to create transformational change and she gets long lasting results.

Her wanderlust has led her to live and work in various parts of the globe, taking flexible working to new levels, running her companies remotely.  For her, home is where the heart is, and this may at times be NZ, Australia and Bali or other parts of the globe she may be working in.

The greatest journey you can undertake in life is to cover the distance between you and your full potential.”  Michael Henderson, Author

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