Founders Mandy Davies and Sally Doherty are passionate about  helping leaders and individuals to be their best.  Together they have over 30 years of senior corporate experience, years of self development and learning, and a real desire to make a difference.

In a world that’s evolving faster than ever before, the ability to anticipate the next move before it happens is what makes the difference. Whether it’s an individual having the self confidence and intelligence to make better decisions, teams utilising strategies to achieve better outcomes, or organisations developing cultures that drive competitive advantage. All of this requires people to break the mold by thinking and choosing to behave differently.

Change requires courage, dedication, commitment and support – that’s where we come in.

We are passionate about assisting people, teams and organisations to lead a life less ordinary. We believe the extraordinary is possible. Amazing things can be achieved when people share a common focus and are motivated to see the possibilities of what can be.

Mandy has taken the Leap from corporate leader to a location independent entrepreneur.  Choice and adventure are important to her, so she has created a life where she can continue to do the work she loves, however what’s changed is how and where she does it and the variety of different companies and individuals she now has the ability to engage with and inspire along the way.

Mandy is passionate about helping others ignite their potential so they can excel in whatever it is that is important to them, both personally and professionally.  This desire to help others design their best life has led her to partner with a kindred spirit – Sally Doherty to launch their self development company –  Outside The Lines.

Mandy Profile 2Mandy also has her own consulting company Balanced Focus Consulting, where she works with leaders, teams and organisations as a coach, facilitator and consultant maximising individual and company performance. She has a zest for life long learning, whether that’s through formal education (she has a Masters in Human Resources, a Degree in Health Sciences and a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing) or through travel and life experiences and setting herself lofty personal and professional goals.  As the owner of three businesses she understands governance, board responsibilities and the drivers of company performance, she also understands the importance of balance.   Mandy works with leaders, individuals, CEOs and senior leadership teams to create transformational change and she gets long lasting results.

Her wanderlust has led her to live and work in various parts of the globe, taking flexible working to new levels, running her companies remotely.  For her, home is where the heart is, and this may at times be NZ, Australia and Bali or other parts of the globe she may be working in.

“The greatest journey you can undertake in life is to cover the distance between you and your full potential.”  Michael Henderson, Author

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Mandy&Sally - High (24 of 25)Sally has spent the majority of her career in senior leadership roles both in the Military and Corporate organisations.  She started her career as an Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The RNZAF reinforced her passion for leadership, performance and potential and so she moved into organisational development focusing particularly on coaching, personal and leadership development within large blue chip corporate organisations.

After moving back to New Zealand, she worked for several large successful companies; Coca Cola Amatil, Air New Zealand and finally Microsoft New Zealand as the Director of Human Resources. With Microsoft in 2011, Sally moved to Singapore based South East Asia role, partnering with the senior leadership teams across the region.
Sally comes from a long line of artists and has suppressed her more creative side for many years. After several months of “will I, or won’t I?” and being fearful she might fail, she set up her own company based in Singapore. This change has allowed her to have flexibility between working within the field of human potential but also creating the time and space to learn photography, travel and study interior design.  Partnering with Mandy to work with, support and encourage people to listen to their intuition, find the courage and be planful about moving “Outside The Lines” is something Sally is very passionate about.
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