Kath is an incredibly inspirational woman, loving mother and wife, and was ready to take her leap when she joined us at Riverside Matakana! Read below a few words from Kath about her Leap retreat in November, 2015.

The absence of time has been my biggest challenge these last few years. Getting caught in the busyness of running a business, being a partner, a mum, a good friend, a supportive leader, and in between trying to find time to keep healthy and active. In a nutshell I was in burn-out. Then along came the opportunity to participate in LEAP and the experience has literally changed my life for good…

It’s given me the opportunity to take much needed time out to go deep and evaluate what living “my best life” really looks like and then it’s given me the strategies and tools to actually make it happen. Wow, what a gift! I can genuinely say it has surpassed any previous learning and development programmes I have attended.

The story telling approach that Sally and Mandy have incorporated into the content was a real point of difference. It’s connectable, inspiring and thought provoking. The quality of the course was outstanding including the inspirational speakers that came and shared their personal journeys of living their best lives. It was also an opportunity to connect with others and forge new friendships through shared experiences.

Mandy and Sally bring leading edge research based methodology and tools that are delivered with authenticity, compassion, energy and real life experiences. They really are walking the talk and that’s hugely inspirational.

Every detail of the programme was meticulously planned from the pre-workshop strengths evaluation, the 3 day residential retreat, right through to the follow-up coaching sessions. It has been a very fulfilling experience that has enriched me both professionally and personally.

The programme has armed me with practical tools that I’ve adapted into all areas of my life. I’ve been able to overcome a particularly challenging professional situation using my newly adopted “growth mindset”. It’s increased my confidence and self-belief and I’m excited to continue using the strategies imparted to build on my learnings.

Post-LEAP I’m now implementing a strengths-based approach with my team and together we’re looking forward to playing to each others strengths to achieve our collective goals. I feel back in control of my life choices – I just needed time out to reconnect with my goals and I have found my direction again.. wow does that feel good! If you can find another programme that gives you these benefits I wish you luck!

To anyone thinking of attending a LEAP I would say “find a way, no matter what” – the benefits are huge – for you, for your team, for your family and friends.

Kath Knight

Director @ geyser creative