When I met Trudi, I instinctively knew that we were going to be a part of each other’s lives. There was a magnetic pull! Her bubbly, positive attitude towards life and her great sense of humour allowed us to bond, and when I saw her at my local yoga class one day, I knew. Today, Trudi is one of our most recent participants on Leap. She joined us on Leap NZ in November 2015 and sure had a lot to say about her experience! Take a read below.

“I began exploring Trudimy values 12 years ago. The company I was working for at the time engaged a creative consultancy firm to run a series of workshops, supporting employees to establish values, explore purpose and meaning and to consider how individual actions and behaviours could directly impact the culture of a company and their overall vision. It was the beginning of a whole new journey for me.

Over the years I have continued to invest in the path of self enquiry. I have taken part in many different Personal Development trainings, Workshops, 1-1 Coaching sessions, Online Modules, Meditation courses and have also completed more than 200-Hours of Yoga Teacher Training.

At the end of 2013 and after 13 years working for a large Corporate in the Travel Management sector, I resigned with a short term plan to study Yoga & Philosophy in Bali for 1 month. That happened and now 2 years later I find myself still based in Bali, working amid the world of Yoga and Event Management, leading a completely different life from the one that used to feel so comfortable, and if I’m honest, the one I thought I would never leave.

Sometimes I think I’ve done it all and learnt it all but I never seem to stop. There is a continued desire to learn, to unravel new possibilities, to keep stepping up and challenging myself to be the best person I can be. When I made the decision to join Leap in New Zealand, I wondered if there was much more that I could learn! I knew personal values was one of the modules we would study.  What I soon realised was that recognising individual strengths and concentrating on personal values formed a foundation for the entire programme. Finding out what we are good at, what makes us tick, our purpose in life, getting to know ourselves, our motivations, and the things/people/activities which really make us shine.   And for me, the unravelling was getting to know myself as the person I am today, and not the woman who set her values and intentions about how she wanted her life to look 12 years ago.  I am a new and different person, life has happened and my priorities have changed.

One of the things I appreciated the most about Leap, was having the space and time in a peaceful and uplifting environment (home is where the heart is) to think, plan and reflect.  I live in Bali and I have more spare time than I ever had in New Zealand, but it still means I have a demanding full time role and dedicate my life to organizing and planning for others. Rarely in the last 2 years have I sat down and dedicated hours (and certainly never days) to a new and fresh life vision, to exploring my absolute truth and what I really want and then following it up with….a plan!

Oh the plan.  I am a dreamer and a thinker but not always a doer.  We studied modules around planning with purpose, around goal setting and we worked through one ‘Immunity to change’ exercise which was a huge reality check for me.  Studying an unrealised goal, acknowledging behaviours not supporting the goal, competing commitments and unconscious beliefs which hold us back from getting where we want to be. Some real a-ha moments!

Mandy and Sally are both ambitious, inspirational kiwi women who have made bold moves in their lives and who are now deeply passionate about taking others on this journey of learning and creating positive life change.  I feel in designing this course, they have found a perfect balance of personal versus professional, or otherwise in my language, I describe as heart feeling versus mind thinking.  The learning environment was open, honest and safe.   What an inspirational group of people to share this experience with! We had 8 females, 1 male all working professionals, some with families, some not. Many different personalities and all there for varied reasons, but really at the end of it all, there for the same reasons – to get to know themselves better, and to work on their life plan of how to get from where they are now, to where they really want to be.

I can’t speak more highly of Mandy & Sally as Facilitators, the content of Leap and my own personal experience.  It’s a large financial investment but more and more as the years go by I realise that every time I have consciously invested in my own learning and development, I’ve never once looked back and thought to myself, “gosh I wish I hadn’t of spent that money to learn all that I learnt, to feel all that I now feel, or to have acquired the courage I needed to make such radical changes”.

For buying clothes, shoes, make up and household goods…..I cannot say the same!

A huge thank you to Mandy & Sally for this wonderful creation and such a valuable opportunity to reenergise, to design, create and then lead my very best life. Look out for Trudi change in 2016, thank you to Outside the Lines, I now have a plan!”  – Trudi Gwillim

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