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How successful are your New Years resolutions? The stats would say that 90% of resolutions fail within 3 months. It’s not that we don’t want to achieve them, or that we don’t think life will be better when we do….it’s just that making change stick can be challenging and complicated.

Dedicating some time to really reflect on your new years resolutions can make all the difference to your success.   Below are a couple of questions to trigger your thinking and help you tap in to the motivation behind your resolution.

Think about your New Years resolutions and consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Why is your New Years resolution important to you? This should help to weed out the things that we think we should do and leave us with the things that we truly feel are important.
  • What will you gain when you succeed in achieving your resolution? Resolutions should be about what we want to achieve or gain, not what we want to lose. Goal research tells us that we are not very successful when we focus on things we want to avoid.
  • Is your New Year resolution one that YOU want, rather than something that someone else wants for you? Our commitment will wane if we are chasing something that is the desire of someone else. Be sure that your resolution is yours.
  • Want might get in the way of your success? What can you do to mitigate this? Identifying obstacles early on helps us to plan how we will approach and overcome them.
  • Do you believe that you can do it? If you don’t believe it’s possible, chances are it won’t be.  You’re not likely to fully commit if you don’t think it’s possible or you’re capable of it.
  • Who can help you? Think about who can help, what support will you need along the way, ask for help.
  • What will you do if you falter? Change takes time, new habits take time, it’s likely that you might not succeed the first time, but the secret to success is trying again.
  • How will you celebrate some small wins? We gain motivation when we succeed, be sure to take the time to recognise the progress you are making, regardless of how big or small, and celebrate this – it will help motivate you to continue.

New Years resolutions are effectively goals, so we need to take the same approach to our resolutions as we do to our goals. They need focus and dedicated effort for us to be successful.

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