Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.04.37 pmThe global corporates and many of the senior leaders I have worked with in 2015 are facing a fork in the road up ahead. This fork represents a choice that it seems many leaders are faced with in this age of what I am calling “career overdrive”. The choice of “do I continue to prioritise my career, giving it my all at the risk of my health, my relationship and my wellbeing?” or “Do I get realigned with my purpose and what brings me satisfaction and make some choices that will take me closer to my ideal life?”.

Now this may not necessarily mean anything as dramatic has a mid Jan resignation fuelled by the bliss of a summer holiday – nor should it have to. Often it’s not a change of company or role, but a mindset shift, a re-alignment with ones purpose and a refreshed look at what brings meaning and satisfaction to our life that can make all the difference.

The power of pausing to reassess, realign and re-prioritise can be all that’s required.   This “career overdrive” can be likened to a fast speed train ride where you haven’t necessarily chosen the destination, it can be exhilarating, fast and one hell of a ride – but are you heading to th
e best destination, one of your choice, one that is energizing not exhausting?

Leaders need time out to clarify their direction, their goals and rewire any beliefs or behaviours that might be impeding their personal and professional progress.

We want to offer all leaders a “warrant of fitness” that will make sure you’re on the right track for 2016. Our LEAP programme is a fantastic way to kick-start a new approach and to regain control over where you are heading.

Last year we had many corporates sponsor their people to attend our programmes, they are the corporates that understand that performance, engagement, productivity all start with self leadership. So if you belong to one of these progressive thinking organisations that knows the benefits of supporting their leaders to grow and develop from the inside out, then get in contact with us, we can chat through the individual and company benefits in more detail.