Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.12.29 pmWell, it’s nearly the end of the year, the 31st of Dec signifies many things, and it’s often a time of reflection on how the year has gone, hopefully it’s also an opportunity to experience gratitude for your experiences, relationships and self insights. It is of course also typically a time of new beginnings, new plans and feelings of optimism for the coming year. It’s an exciting time, time to reflect and dream big for the year ahead.

I’ve been doing a small survey lately, and do you know what? – according to my rudimentary stats, less than 10% of people actually write their goals down. It sounds like a small thing, but the mental effort that goes in to articulating a goal worthy of ink, is a goal much more likely to be achieved.   But it doesn’t stop there. There’s a science behind setting goals and there are certain factors that determine how likely we are to achieve them.

Interestingly – setting meaningful, inspiring goals and working toward them is one of the activities that contributes to our levels of happiness.   Goals that are aligned to our purpose, our values and enable us to use our strengths, are more likely to be goals that motivate us, and the ones we prioritise.

At Outside The Lines, we’ve set some big hairy audacious goals for 2016 and one of them is to take our LEAP programme to Fiji – watch this space in the new year for more details.

Click here to read about how goals impact our happiness (Lyubomirsky “The How of Happiness”)

Contact us if you’re interested in joining us on LEAP NZ (March) or LEAP Bali (May) to set goals that will rock your 2016.