blogThe ability to savour positive experiences is one of the most important factors to your happiness. Try any of the following:

Choose something that you usually rush through and take time to really savour the experience – be 100% present. For example, linger over that morning coffee or fresh juice, notice the aroma, the texture, the taste. Take the time to think about how you’re feeling.

Savour any successes you have had throughout the day. Recall them, share them with others, notice what strengths you were using.

Savour and reminisce with family or friends.

Recall a positive time from your past, you may have photos to help you recall, or aromas or music. Share your memories.

Make a list of your happiest memories and then take time out to transport yourself to a different time and place, let your mind wander freely through the memory.

Create a savouring album of your favourite people, places, letters, memories and look at it when you’re in need of a boost.

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice-cream while it’s on your plate.” ~ Thornton Wilder