Greg_hopkinson2Greg Hopkinson is a modern day monk and author of the book and documentary ‘Boundless’. Greg is “committed to remaining completely attentive to the stillness and peace within.” – “I am passionate about all of humanity experiencing unbroken peace, happiness and contentment; and living in harmony. It’s possible, and it starts with each of us. I’m passionate about producing material that communicates practical and down-to-earth ways that people can experience more joy and peace in their life. All they need to do is make a choice.”

After graduating from University of Canterbury (NZ), Greg worked as an engineer in a diverse range of industries and locations before co-establishing a construction business in the Soviet Union as things started to unravel under Gorbachev’s stewardship. “This was a tumultuous time – a phase when every aspect of life appeared limitless. Few foreigners travelled and engaged with the Soviets as much as I did during this period of rapid change.”

“I lead a normal life. I have a partner, Sally, who is also a monk and we enjoy travelling, skiing, walking in the bush, socialising and chipping away at a range of diverse projects that benefit consciousness. In our tradition a monk is someone, woman or man, who is committed to remaining completely attentiveness to the stillness and peace within. Being a monk doesn’t require belonging to a religion. Within our teaching there are no rules or regulations, no belief system, no guru to idolise.”

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