A Climate Change Concept ImageThese have been common themes for the week for me – well not me personally, but the senior global executives I have coached this last week and the heads of HR in the corporates I have spoken with. Something needs to change!

Life is busy, access to information makes life easier in some ways and more challenging in others, expectations are high, we all want to succeed. The pressures of professional and personal life are greater than ever before. Organisations are asking more and more of their people. It’s critical for the wellbeing of our employees and the performance of our organisations that we make a significant shift in how we support people to flourish and succeed.

For many people, work doesn’t end at 6pm (or 7pm or 8pm) when they leave the building, it infiltrates our entire waking day – constantly checking email, being available at crazy times for international conference calls, working once the kids are in bed. Most of us accept this is just what is required to succeed in this day and age.   But is it? Are these work habits really helping productivity, effectiveness, ability to learn and innovate, and importantly, is it enhancing life satisfaction and wellbeing?

It’s time for organisations to help people to get back to basics, remember what’s important to flourish in this life – we only get one chance, do you want it to be your best life or are you settling for a distant second best? If organisations can support people to increase their sense of purpose, understand their core values and how to operate in alignment with them, how to be their best self by using their strengths and doing what makes them feel fulfilled – imagine the impact on engagement, productivity, effectiveness and ultimately the bottom line.

How is your organisation enhancing the wellbeing of its employees beyond the stock standard superficial nod toward employee engagement and wellbeing? It’s time to get serious about providing self-development and tools for people to not just cope, manage stress or build their resilience – it’s time to help our employees flourish and excel! The potential benefits for the organisation are huge and will make taking a fresh approach to employee growth and wellbeing a no brainer.

I would love to hear what innovative strategies your organisation might be taking to help people change their thinking, change their behaviour, own their happiness, make a real difference and achieve sustainable change.

This is an area we are passionate about at Outside The Lines. We take a research based approach and make it real for people, we’re all about helping others to make sustainable change to impact all aspects of their success, including health, relationships, performance, decision-making, innovation, confidence and life satisfaction.   Our LEAP programme is getting results for individuals and organisations (Singapore LEAP Oct 22-24, NZ LEAP Nov 25-28)

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