Depositphotos_53297523_originalLiving outside of the lines takes courage and one thing we know for sure is that Asset Based Thinking (ABT) helps move us forward, that’s why ABT is more than just a topic in our programmes, it’s a way of being that is built into the very essence of LEAP, LEAD and PIVOT. Throughout our programmes we spend at least 90% of the time looking at how you can use your strengths now and in the future, we don’t spend much time on weaknesses or problems, we look forward not backwards. Even when we do pause to consider the “dark side” or the barriers or challenges, we take a growth mindset thinking approach encouraging you to consider what strengths you can draw on to manage through any challenges you may face.

Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) means to look at yourself, others and the world around you through the eyes of what’s working, what strengths are present, and what are the opportunities. ABT calls for small but intentional shifts in the way we perceive and interpret things around us. It can change the way we see things, leading to dramatic improvements in the way we live. On the flip side deficit-based thinking (DBT) is to view the world in terms of what is not working, what is lacking, and what are gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

ABT is really about taking a positive mindset to the next level, it’s not just an attitude, it’s about taking action. It encourages us to put more of our focus on progress than on perfection, on possibilities than problems, and to challenge our tendency to be dogmatic or deficit-based in our thinking about ourselves and others.

ABT builds resilience, optimism and confidence, making us better equipped to manage stress, build relationships and turn our dreams into goals.