RebeccaNutritionistRebecca Vanderhoek is a qualified Nutritionist (Adv. Dip Nut Med) and professional cook based in Bali who will be joining us on LEAP (26th – 31st July) as a guest speaker on food and nutrition!

In 2015 she created her business ‘A Plate of Paradise’ in Bali after 5 years in Sydney, practicing clinical nutrition, catering for yoga retreats, facilitating nutritional cooking classes and workshops, menu and meal planning for fitness boot camps and film, fashion and TV.

In Bali she continues to provide nutritional support and training to both expats and visitors to the island, as well as cooking training and menu design.

A Tip From Rebecca:
There is a plethora of nutrition advice and fad diets out in the world these days. My advise is this; if you want to be healthy all you need to do is eat a diet of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, unrefined grains, good quality protein and healthy fats. Its essential that the foods you eat have a good spectrum of nutrients, you limit the amount of saturated fat, additives, refined sugars and grains, stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, drink alcohol moderately, and keep your bodies cells hydrated with water. Exercise, breathing deeply, chewing thoroughly and reducing stress will all support you. By following these principles alone you are already ahead of so many. Forget the diets and the fad new supplements – all you need to do is eat well, stay hydrated, move, chew and breathe – its quite simple really!