Bernd profile imageBernd has been throwing himself wholeheartedly into the deep waters of daily, dedicated yoga and meditation practice since the beginning of 2001 and will be joining us on LEAP (26th – 31st July) as a guest speaker!

Being drawn, from an early age, toward seeing, understanding and exploring life in its fullness and entirety, he works with the tools of asana, pranayama, meditation, and study in order to plumb the depths of experience.

His aim as a teacher is always to give each student exactly what he or she needs at any given time, which has led him to learning as much as possible about different modalities of movement, meditation and philosophical approaches.

Bernd has an abiding passion for helping to ease the suffering of others. Over the years, he has gathered tools in his own practice and in his teachings from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, the yogic approach to therapy, as well as a thorough and continuing education in philosophies of all shapes and sizes. The Buddha’s Dharma and meditation practices are a deep passion for Bernd, and he relishes the opportunity to practice and pass on these wonderful teachings. Expect to be challenged in his classes, but never pushed; thrown into the deep end, but always with a paddle, and always with kindness and care.

A tip from Bernd:
Sometimes the most simple of practices can have the most profound effects, especially when applied fully. Mindfulness is a real buzz word these days, yet it is often deeply misunderstood and not even fully attempted at a rudimentary level, yet it has the capacity to dramatically alter the quality of our lives and relations toward others.

The historical Buddha regularly gave a teaching we now call the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and the first of these foundations is the Body. Try this for the next two weeks at least: upon first rising out of the no doubt infinite comfort of your bed, just sit or stand quietly for a minute or two. Scan your way through the entirety of your body, picking up any and all information that you can. What different sensations can you feel? The basic attitude is one of fully listening to your body. Just before commencing your day, set the intention that you’re going to stay with an awareness of your body, at least in part, throughout every activity you will take part in on that day. The aim is to feel your body as closely as possible, not just paying attention to it in an abstract, information-gathering manner. Whether you are riding a bus, or eating a meal, or chatting with a friend, or typing an email, keep an open-ness to what your body is doing and how it feels. After trying this for two weeks, evaluate: how did you go? What did you discover? Has anything unlocked for you?