b893a436f7861d406d741cb5ecaf52c2The United Technologies Corporation ran a message in the Wall Street Journal as a non-traditional public service ad. “Your third grade teacher said you had a problem with math. You gave up on math and forever eliminated two-thirds of the jobs available in this world. Somebody decided the Navy needed a cook. After your service, you opened a restaurant. Mother was a Nurse. Now you are. Why are you where you are? Because you want to be there? Think about it. Maybe you ought to be somewhere else. Maybe it’s not too late to figure out where and how to get there.” My friend and I were discussing his nephew and whether he should go to University or not straight after school. The family were all in favour of him going and getting a Bachelor Degree. Even better, Bachelor of Business Degree, because it has so much versatility in it. “Oh, and whilst you are choosing your subjects son, you should do some law papers because they will come in handy when you buy your house.

With all of the best intentions, not only were they planning his study, but also where and how he was going to live.

I am not sure what his final decision is going to be, but I it is likely that there will be advice coming from all sorts of directions as he works out his next steps. I hope that he is able to take all of the well intended advice and work out what is right for him. He can always change direction when he wants to.

So how to we end up where we are at any moment in time? Is it where we really want to be?

If the commentary of my friends is anything to go by, there seems to be an increasing amount who feel dissatisfied with their current lives. Whether they don’t like where they work, they want to start their own business or they want to do something completely different. The conversations are the same, just the details are different.

We all took different paths to get where we are. It can take courage to step off it.

What stops us? Do we have some hidden (or not so hidden) fears? Do we lack confidence? Are we nervous about making the wrong decision that we don’t make any at all? We don’t have a plan. I love the article that the Wall Street Journal ran. It’s message is simple. Are you where you want to be? Do you have goals you still want to achieve?

Maybe it’s not too late to figure out where and how to get there.”