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We know that making changes or pursuing new goals takes time, commitment and courage, and maintaining momentum can be challenging. Our secret to success (and many others) can be summed up in 4 words – “Get A Great Coach”.

Because a coach often doesn’t know you, and even if they do, their role is to park any preconceived ideas about who you are and rely on their ability to listen very carefully to the words you use and the things you say. By doing this they can play back to you the way you express your thoughts and beliefs. This alone can often bring great insights, as sometimes changing the language we use is the first step in changing how we think and behave.

I was recently coaching a very successful business women, I noticed she was saying things like “ I’m always letting people down” and “I’m always running late” – we worked through these statements identifying them as fixed mindset statements that were reinforcing this view of herself and therefore her behaviour. She chose to replace them with “ I am doing my best at balancing my commitments and working toward my goals”. The impact was significant – her self talk changed, which altered her self image, which improved her performance.  She no longer felt she was letting others down and she stopped being late to meetings.

A skilled coach can greatly impact your success, they’ll encourage you to listen to your self-talk and monitor your thoughts to recognize when a fixed mindset is playing out. You have a choice in how you view the world and choosing to widen your lens, be curious, and consider the opportunities can be liberating and transformational. A starting point can be to begin recognising fixed mindset self talk and replace it with growth mindset statements like “ I’m learning how to do that” or “ I don’t know how to do that YET!”

A coach’s role is to help you create your roadmap to your success – as defined by you. They are there to challenge your thinking and provoke new ideas, whilst championing your efforts and asking the “hard” questions, because they know that’s often where the “gold” is found.

The outcomes are shaped by the effort you put in, so the results are in your hands. By fully committing to a coaching programme and remaining focused throughout, you will make enormous progress. In fact, our clients often say that the experience is life changing!   Ultimately, you will achieve your goals and develop new knowledge that spurs personal growth and translates into long-term sustainable changes and improvements to your life.

Coaching is a very individual experience and it’s important to connect with your coach, great things happen when personal connections are made. You can contact Sally or Mandy for a no obligations chat to find out more about coaching and their coaching style. 

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