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Bali is alive, as soon as you step off that plane you are hit with a sensory overload of sights, smells, warm air, smiling faces and opportunities. Anything is possible here. I want to share why Bali is the perfect location for our LEAP Programme on July 26-31.

The people I have met over the past year of living here, both locals and foreigners that have chosen to make Bali their home have a certain something that is endearing and almost captivating. What is it? Well it’s hard to explain, but here goes…

The religion is a predominantly Balinese Hinduism, which has roots in Indian Hinduism and in Buddhism, and has adopted the traditions of the indigenous people. This influence strengthens the belief that the gods and goddesses are present in all things.

Once a year for the cultural celebrations of Nyepi – the day of silence, the international airport is closed to the 300+ flights that usually land in a day. What other country does this as part of their religious/cultural ceremonies?  It’s a beautiful thing to see the culture alive and well in such times of globalization and continued tourism growth.  This is just one example, yet the essence of the culture is visible and experienced every single day, including the stunning young women that make the daily offerings to the Bali Gods at the thousands of small temples throughout Bali. Dressed in their traditional attire they exude poise, humility and purpose. The longer you stay the more you appreciate the subtleties of the culture and the significance of the daily rituals.

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I recall a taxi ride after returning to Bali from a trip overseas, I mentioned how I was pleased to be back to all of the warm smiling faces. My Taxi driver said, “Yes it’s different here to your country, our priority each day is to laugh and share a story with our family and neighbours in the morning, this is the most important thing for us and this is what brings us happiness and prosperity” He continued on….”In your country it’s different isn’t it? People think about work and money first, they don’t put as much emphasis on the joy of laughing and smiling”. These words stuck with me.

The ex-pats that Bali attracts are often people that are willing to try something different, up for taking a risk, excited about creating something new – they are entrepreneurial in spirit and thinking. The growth mindset is prevalent; they persevere and seem to have less self imposed rules, boundaries and constraints. This leads them to take an approach to life that is abundance driven and purpose led. The conversations are about the possibilities and how people can help one another. Dreams and ideas become reality in a shorter space of time and there seems to be an increased ability to overcome fear of failure.

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Bali is a great location for the expansive thinking we’ll do on the LEAP Programme. The culture, the landscape of vast blue sky, luscious green rice paddies, the soothing and renewing nature of the vast coastline and the best sunsets – are all an inspiring backdrop to contemplate the days learnings, enhance your insights and plan the future of possibilities.

 Book in now, you know you want to…