Girl with laptop computer on the beach.I live in Asia and over the last decade I have witnessed the increase of eco and sustainable tourism. Opportunities where people can combine a holiday whilst also giving back to the environment or a community.

The rationale is simple. I am investing in the time and a ticket, so let me also use this time to give back to a worthy cause. I am going there anyway.

There are also the retreats where people invest in themselves. Surfing retreats, health, meditation and yoga retreats can be found in all parts of the world. I love these types of retreats by the way and have personally been on and loved them. In fact, I saw a write up about a spa retreat this week and it sounded relaxing and superb.

With this concept in mind, the LEAP programme in Bali has been designed as a whole of body experience to help people make sustainable change away from the noise and busyness of our lives. It is an opportunity for people to combine their holiday, with some purposeful time to invest in themselves, on themselves and in their future.

Using existing travel opportunities or vacation time to spend on your own self-development may not be for everyone. Particularly if you just want to switch your brain off.

For others, it may be the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and let the mind get clarity in a way that may not be possible at home. To have the time, space and support from others to clearly understand your goals and create a plan to achieve them…..before heading to the beach for your vacation.