The most wonderful thing about life, is that we have choices. We can increase our confidence, change our mindset, pursue a different role or career, and focus on new goals that energise us and make us happy. The crazy thing, is that many of us don’t realise this until we are burned out, feeling trapped by current circumstances and unable to see a way out.

Mandy and Sally both excelled in the corporate world, however, became inspired to change directions, set up their own businesses and pursue doing more of what they love. It just so happens, that partnering with, and coaching organisations and individuals who are on a mission to ignite change and give the best of themselves to life is one of them!

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Leap is a 3-5 day program (depending on location) that will provide strategies and tools to create and achieve the goals you set for yourself, to activate change and ignite your full potential. It begins with a strengths assessment and individual debrief session to help determine your strengths, what you are performing well and also what energises you. You will also explore strengths not currently being used and how you can maximise opportunities and align these towards helping you achieve new goals. Benefits will continue well after your programme, with on-going coaching and support to enable you to take your own personal Leap and embed desired change.


 is a two day interactive self development retreat designed for women who are taking on a new challenge, they may be returning to work, building their leadership capability, stepping out of their career, starting up a business or rediscovering who they are.

Whatever the change you are contemplating, confidence and courage plays a key role in how you will achieve your goal. Sometimes we want to try something different but don’t know where to start or might need some support in doing so.

 has been designed specifically for people who want to draw on their personal strengths and develop confidence in leading with their most natural and impactful style. It is for people who want to reach their potential and work at their best. It is for people who want to authentically draw on their unique strengths and skills, rather than “models” of leadership.

Being a great leader starts with self, and so this is where we begin. We draw on contemporary research and bring it to you in a practical and inspiring way.

About Us

Founders Mandy Davies and Sally Doherty are passionate about  helping leaders and individuals to be their best.  Together they have over 30 years of senior corporate experience, years of self development and learning, and a real desire to make a difference.

In a world that’s evolving faster than ever before, the ability to anticipate the next move before it happens is what makes the difference. Whether it’s an individual having the self confidence and intelligence to make better decisions, teams utilising strategies to achieve better outcomes, or organisations developing cultures that drive competitive advantage. All of this requires people to break the mold by thinking and choosing to behave differently.

Change requires courage, dedication, commitment and support – that’s where we come in.

We are passionate about assisting people, teams and organisations to lead a life less ordinary. We believe the extraordinary is possible. Amazing things can be achieved when people share a common focus and are motivated to see the possibilities of what can be.


If you’ve ever wished you could press pause on your ordinary life and spend a few days imagining other possibilities, LEAP is your chance. Great wine and food, provocative speakers and practical tools to action your dreams. –   Jess Fowler

“I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to attend LEAP in June 2016. It is a rare moment that any of us are able to take time out to work on ourselves and reflect on what we’ve done and what we want to do moving forward. LEAP gave me that opportunity and armed me with some great frameworks to help me discover more about myself, including what I truly value, how I want to live my life moving forward, and goals with actions to help me create that life. Mandy and Trudi helped me to have a number of “ah ha moments” in terms of what I want to do career-wise moving forward.

The tone of the 3 days was set that first night by our facilitators who created an environment where we all felt safe sharing more about ourselves. I want to thank Mandy and Trudi for sharing their stories with us, they helped me solidify a number of things which include a reaffirmation that I enjoy what I’m doing (which is currently a part-time role). I’ve also decided that I don’t want to go back full-time, but instead I am going to do something more creative to fill up my time.

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